Release Notes – WebApp

Upgrade of Web Application Introduction This is the latest release notes for the Web Application. It is our top selling product, and we want to keep customer loyalty at all time high, so making these changes is essential in creating more engagement around the product Overview We needed to make the changes below in order to keep the product usability stable and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction to our base. The…

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mNotify Voice SMS

Speak, Record, Send The benefits of frequent customer engagement cannot be over-emphasized or downplayed in the current world of growing businesses. Customer satisfaction is at the core of every business, hence the emergence of a plethora of tools and strategies to reach them.  It is essential that however complex the tools of communication to reach customers are, they also be as personalized as possible. Bulk Voice Call is one of…

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Theo SMSBot

AI has been revamping the ways of communication for businesses both with external and internal customers. Going further, chatbots are predicted to move from simply user-based queries to more advanced predictive analytics based on real time conversations. with the emerging chatbot trends and market outlook, it is crucial for businesses to adopt innovative ways to deliver continuous customer engagement. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate…

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