USSD Codes

Reach your target market with this easy-to-use service that works on all phone types.

Our USSD Solution empowers enterprises to deliver new mobile services to enhance customer engagements and improve service delivery, regardless of device or connection.
What is USSD?
Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a technology standard built into GSM that allows for fast and direct messaging between subscribers and operators. Even though you may think that most text-based communication is now out of date, statistics still suggest that USSD is widely used among telecom subscribers for very basic functions.

USSD technology is gaining importance as a way of introducing mobile value-added services with numerous benefits for all participants in the complete mobile ecosystem - operators, third-party service providers, and end users.
The main advantage of USSD technology is its compatibility with all legacy handsets and all GSM mobile networks, providing uniform levels of service reliability and virtually 100% network coverage, making it applicable in both urban and rural environments.

The range of industries that can use USSD technology is virtually unlimited, but its main uses are found in the financial sector, retail, transportation industry, media, and marketing.

Based on our USSD Gateway, the range of our USSD services can be easily modified to any requirements of both the operator and third-party service providers, offering a range of benefits for the operator:

USSD Applications

The range of industries that can use USSD technology is virtually unlimited, but its main uses are found in the financial sector, transportation industry, media and entertainment industry, and marketing.
Use Cases

Here are some examples of how Strategix can assist your organization to integrate USSD technology to benefit their customers.

Unlike banking apps and online banking alternatives that require internet access and smartphone functionality, USSD banking can work on any mobile device including feature phones at a minimal cost.

USSD is widely used to configure a user’s mobile device on the network, besides providing a menu of service options users can choose from to purchase airtime, data, or request account balances.

USSD technology can integrate with your ERP/CRM systems to request updated customer information, no matter the industry. As a result, it promotes data accuracy and better customer service.

USSD is the ideal platform for mobile marketing. Companies can send basic marketing surveys and questionnaires that can be immediately answered by users, providing customer feedback cost-effectively and reliably.

USSD is a preferred way of communication for service companies such as financial service providers and insurance companies to gauge the interest of customers by offering the choice to request callbacks after presenting their offers.

USSD is extensively used by product shipping suppliers, e.g., takeaway menu and food delivery providers, to enable two-way communication between customers placing orders and confirmation of the shipped product.

USSD is the ideal gateway for retailers to communicate special offers to customers and send coupons and vouchers for next payment purchases.